Electric Field Strength Converter

Electric field refers to a region around a charged particle or object within which a force would be exerted on other charged particles or objects. An electric field that changes with time, such as due to the motion of charged particles in the field, influences the local magnetic field.

The electric field intensity is defined as the force per unit positive charge that would be experienced by a stationary point charge, or "test charge", at a given location in the field.

Electric Field Strength, Intensity Converter
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Abvolt/centimeter: abV/cm
Kilovolt/centimeter: kV/cm
Microvolt/meter: µ/m
Millivolt/meter: mV/m
 Statvolt/centimeter: stV/cm
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Volt/centimeter: V/cm
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Volt/meter: V/m
V/m = (W/m2 x 377)1/2
The electric field is a vector field with& SI units of newtons per coulomb (N C−1) or, equivalently, volts per metre (V m−1). The SI base units of the electric field are kg·m·s−3·A−1.

Find Electric Field Strength, intensity conversion.
Enter value: 5 Abvolt/centimeter

Abvolt/centimeter = 5
Kilovolt/centimeter = 4.9999999999999995e-11
Microvolt/meter = 5
Millivolt/meter = 0.005
Statvolt/centimeter = 1.667823024e-10
Statvolt/inch = 4.2362704808650005e-10
Volt/centimeter = 5e-8
Volt/inch = 1.2699999999999999e-7
Volt/meter = 0.0000049999999999999996