Strain Calculator

Strain refers to the geometrical measure of deformation representing the relative displacement between particles in the material body. In other words, strain means force or a part of one's body or oneself to make a strenuous or unusually great effort. Strains are injuries that affect muscles or tendons, thick bands that attach muscles to bones.
Strain Calculator
I want to calculate
Change in Length(cl) m
Length(l) m
S = Lc/L

Change in Length:
Lc = S*L

L = Lc /S

S = Strain,
Lc = Change in Length,
L = Length.

Strains are an acute type of injury that results from overstretching or over contraction. This advanced online Strain Calculator is used to calculate the strain when length and change in length between particles in the material body are known.

Calculate the Strain for the given details of length and change in length.
Change in Length (Lc) = 25 m
Length (L) = 30 m

Apply Formula:
S = Lc/L
S = 25/30
S = 0.83
Strain (S) = 0.83