Sound Power Emitted Calculator

Sound power is the acoustical energy emitted by the sound source, and is an absolute value. It is not affected by the environment. Sound power is measured as the total sound power emitted by a source in all directions in watts (joules / second). Measurements can be made by placing an array of microphones in a known geometric pattern around the source to be measured.
Sound Power Emitted Calculator
I want to calculate:
Sound Wave Intensity (I): W/m2
Distance from Point Source (r): m
Power Emitted (PAV): W
Power Emitted:
PAV = I4 πr2

Sound Wave Intensity:
I = PAV/4πr2

Radius or Distance from Point Source:
r = √ (PAV/4πI)

PAV = Power Emitted,
I = Sound Wave Intensity,
r = Radius or Distance from Point Source.
There are many standards defining how to make sound power measurements on certain devices. The standards typically explain the options for the size and shape of the microphones’ geometric pattern, how to handle background correction, etc. Some common standards for sound power include:
ISO 3744 – Free field over a reflecting plane
ISO 3745 – Anechoic and semi-anechoic rooms
ISO 7779 – Information technology and telecommunication equipment

Calculate the Power Emitted by sound for the given details.
Sound Wave Intensity (I) = 25W/m2
Radius or Distance from Point Source (r) = 5 m

Apply Formula:
PAV = I4 πr2
PAV = 25*4*3.14*52
PAV = 7850 W
Power Emitted (PAV) = 7850 W