Physics Calculator

Physics is a natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion and also concepts such as energy and force, also temperature is calculated. Use advanced online physics calculator to calculate the temperature and Kinetic Energy.

Classical Physics Calculator

Amount of Substance Momentum With Velocity
Angular Acceleration Newton Second Law of Motion
Average Velocity Newtons Law of Gravity
Batteries Charge Time Paper Calculator
Battery Life Physical Pendulum
Centripetal Acceleration Potential Energy
Centripetal Force Potentiometer
Circular Velocity Power With Displacement
Critical Frequencies Power With Velocity
Cylindrical Tank Power With Work
Density Calculation Prandtl Number
Differential Pressure Projectile Motion for Vertical Velocity
Einstein Mass Energy Calculation Radar Range
Elastic Potential Energy Simple Pendulum
Electrical Harmonics Sound Intensity Level
Electron Gain Sound Power Emitted
Force Calculator Sound Pressure Level
Hooke Law Sound Wavelength
Horse Power Speed of Sound
Impulse With Time Static Friction
Impulse With Velocity Storage Capacity for Rectangular Tank
Kepler Third Law Strain
Kilograms Pounds Stress
Kilovolt Amps Temperature
Kinematic Viscosity Torque Calculator
Kinetic Energy Torsional Pendulum
Kinetic Friction Total Work
Law of Cooling Transverse Strength
Leaf Springs Velocity
Lensmaker Equation Voltage Divider
Mass Flow Rate Weight Force
Moment Calculation Work Calculator
Moment of Inertia Calculation Young Modulus
Momentum With Time  

Electromagnetism Calculator

AC to DC Converter Dipole Antenna
Antenna Array Energy Storage
Antenna Gain Find Weight on Other Planets
Aperture Antenna Inductive Reactance
Capacitance Ohms Law Current
Capacitive Reactance Parallel Plate Capacitor

Fluid Mechanics Calculator

Bernoulli Numbers Nusselt Number
Brake Horsepower Peclet Number
Broad Crested Weir Poiseuilles Equation
DC Voltage Drop Prandtl Number
Euler Number Pump Efficiency
Euler Number Calculation Rectangular Weir Flow Rate
Flow Rate Reynolds Number
Fourier Number Schmidt Number
Froude Number Sherwood Number
Hydraulic Radius Specific Gas Constant
Knudsen Number Stokes Law
Lewis Number V Notch Weir Discharge
Mach Number Water Horsepower
Mean Depth Weber Number

Thermodynamics Calculator

Heat Flow Thermal Conductivity
Heat Transfer Rate