About Us is an innovation in the online calculator industry with 100+ free online calculators. We offer calculators of various categories that help you calculate different factors in your daily life.

The calculators on our website are completely free of cost and you do not need to register to access the calculators. All calculators and converters are based on the latest technology. It does not only give the accurate results but also work fast.

If you are a businessman, student, teacher, accountant, IT engineer, economist or any other professional, our website is the one platform you need to visit. The formulas and algorithms used in our tools are authentic and conform to the standards.

All these calculators allow you to do your calculations in one place.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I link your calculator to my website?

Answer: Yes, you can link any of our calculator on your website as long as the purpose is to serve information in your content.

2. How can I give feedback/suggestion to

Answer:All suggestions and feedbacks are always welcome on our website. You can e-mail us or go to any tool and write in the section named “How can we improve?”.

3. Can we get any API of your calculator?

Answer: At the moment we do not provide the APIs for any of our calculator, but in the future, we may start this service.

4. Is free or paid?

Answer: Meracalculator is a free tool website that you can use without registration or subscription.

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