Rectangular Polar Conversion Calculator

The Rectangular to Polar Conversion Calculator is used to convert the rectangular coordinates to polar coordinates and vice-versa. It calculates and displays the equivalent polar value for the given rectangular values.
Rectangular to Polar Coversion Calculator
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R = sqrt(x * x + y * y) , angle = atan(y/x)

Rectangle coordinates:
x and y - horizontal and vertical distances from the origin.

Polar coordinates(r, q):
r - the distance from the origin to the point.
q - the angle measured from the positive x axis to the point.
t - angle (in degrees).

The rectangular coordinates are in the form (x, y). The Polar coordinates are in the form ( r, q). Polar and rectangular coordinates express the location of a point in a coordinate system, and can be converted to one another.

Suppose we have a complex number expressed in rectangular form and we want to express it in polar form. (That is, we know a and b and we need r and θ.) We see that we can use the formulas:
Convert the complex number 5 + 2 i to polar form.

Solution: We have a = 5 and b = 2. We compute
so the complex number in polar form must be 5.39 ∠ 21.8°.