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Formula = b * h


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Rhombus Calculator

This area of rhombus calculator can find the area of rhombus through three different methods: 

  • Base times height method
  • Diagonal method
  • Trigonometry method

You can find the perimeter of the rhombus also by entering the value of length.

What is a rhombus?

A Rhombus is a quadrilateral with four equal sides and opposite equal acute and obtuse angles. A rhombus is also a parallelogram with equal sides. 

It's like a lean square whose diagonals bisect each other but need not be 90 degrees. Rhombus is also sometimes called a 'diamond' or 'lozenge' shape.

All four sides of Rhombus are congruent. Its diagonals are perpendicular and bisect vertex angles. 

The formula of the area of the rhombus:

The area of a rhombus can be calculated through three different formulas. All of these formulas use different values to find the area.

Base Times Height Method :

Area of Rhombus = b * h

Diagonal Method :

Area of Rhombus = ½ x d1 x d2 

Trigonometry Method :

Area of Rhombus = a² * SinA

Perimeter of Rhombus = 4(a)


a = side

b = height, d1 and d2 diagonals

How to calculate the area of rhombus?


Case 1: Find the area of a rhombus with the given base 4 and height 5 using the Base Times Height Method.

Solution: Find the area.

Area = b * h = 4*5 = 20.

Case 2: Find the area of a rhombus with the given diagonals 4,5 using the Diagonal Method.

Solution: Find the area.

Area = ½ * d1 * d2 = 0.5 * 4*5 = 20*0.5 = 10

Case 3: Find the area of a rhombus with the given side 3 using Trigonometry Method.

Solution: Find the area.

Area = a² * SinA = 3² * Sin(33) = 9* 1 = 9.

Case 4: Find the perimeter of a rhombus with the given side 3.

Solution: Find the perimeter.

Perimeter = 4(a) = 4 * 3 = 12.

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