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To measure the volume and area of sphere, input the radius and hit the calculate button using sphere calculator 

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Volume of Sphere = (4/3) πr³
Curved Surface Area (CSA) of Sphere = 4πr²

r = radius, π = 3.14

Sphere calculator used to calculate Curved Surface Area of Sphere and Volume of a sphere. A sphere is any round body or figure having the surface that is equally distant from the center at all points. It is a solid figure bounded by a spherical surface.

A sphere is a perfectly round geometrical object in three-dimensional space, such as the shape of a round ball.

Sphere is a body or space contained under a single surface, in which every part of it is at an equal distant from a point within called as its center.  An object having a shape of a ball or a globe is a sphere.

Examples: (sphere calc: find a)

Find the volume and curved surface area of a Sphere (tsa of sphere) with the given radius 2.

How to find the volume of a sphere?

Step 1: Find the volume of a sphere.
Volume = (4/3) πr³ = (4/3) * 3.14 * 4³ = 1.33 * 3.14 * 27 = 33.40

Step 2: Find the curved surface area (CSA).
Curved Surface Area (CSA) = 4πr² = 4 * 3.14 * 2² = 12.56 * 4= 50.24

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