Trapezium Calculation

A Trapezium is a quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides.  In cases, it is also defined as a plane figure with four sides, no of two which are parallel.

Calculate the area, perimeter of Trapezuim (Trapezium Calculator)

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    Area of Trapezium = ½×(a + b)×h
    a, b = sides, h = height


    Perimeter of Trapezium (trapezoid calc: find p) = a + b + c + d
    a, b, c, d = sides

    A Trapezium is a four-sided polygon with two non-adjacent parallel sides or one set of parallel sides.


    Examples: how to work out the area of a trapezium?

    Case 1: Find the area of a trapezium using the sides length as 4,5 and the height 2.

    Step 1: Find the area.
    Area = ½ * (a+ b) * h = ½ * (4 + 5) * 2 = ½ * 9 * 2 = 9.

    Case 2: Find the perimeter of a trapezium using the sides length as 4,5,6,7

    Step 1: Find the perimeter.

    Perimeter = a + b + c + d = 4+5+6+7 = 22.

    To find the side following calculation will be used (trapezoid calc: find c):
    c =P - a - b - d
    For Height:
    trapezoid calc: find h, a=n/a, b=n/a, a=n/a
    For base a
    trapezoid calc: find a, b=n/a, h=n/a, a=n/a
    For base b
    find b, a=n/a, h=n/a, a=n/a
    Where: n/a is marked as NULL