Grams to moles calculator

To use grams to moles converter, enter the amount of mass in grams or another unit, input the molar mass of the matter, and click calculate button.


Grams to moles Calculator 

Use the grams to moles calculator to convert from one unit of mass to another of a substance. This calculator provides the choice between different mass units such as milligrams, kilograms e.t.c that the user can input.

What is a mole?

A mole is a base quantity unit used in the SI system for mass. It accounts for Avogadro's number (6.0221 x 1023) of entities. These entities can be free atoms, molecules, compounds e.t.c depending on the type of substance. For example:

  1. One mole of Hydrogen gas contains 6.0221 x 1023 free hydrogen atoms.
  2. One mole of H2 gas contains 6.0221 x 1023 hydrogen diatomic molecules.
  3. One mole of H2O has 6.0221 x 1023 water molecules.

What is a gram to mole conversion?

One gram of something weighs differently than its mole. It is different for each periodic table element since it takes molar mass into account. This is why it is not possible to calculate how many moles are in a gram because it differs from element to element.

Moles are often used in laboratories while gram is more of daily use unit for example we buy gold in grams. 

Grams to moles formula:   

To change the unit of a substance from grams to moles, the following formula is used:

n = m / M

In this equation:

  • n is the representation of moles.
  • m is mass in grams.
  • M is the molar mass.

How to convert grams to moles?

Calculate the molar mass of the substance. If the mass is in other units like liters, milligrams e.t.c then convert it into grams. Finally, use both values to find the moles. 


Calculate the number of moles in 25 grams of water.


Step 1: Write the given data.

Mass = 25 grams

Substance = water (H2O)

Step 2: Find the molar mass.

Mass of H = 1.008

Mass of O = 15.999

The molar mass of H2O = (1.008 + 1.008 + 15.999)
                                      = 18.015 g/mol

Step 3: Input this value in the formula.

n = m / M

n = 25/18.015

n = 1.387 moles 

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