Protein Iso electric Point Calculation Henderson Equation

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    Henderson Hasselbalch Equation = 6.1 + log ((HCO3)/ (0.0301*PaCo2))

    Henderson equation is an approximate equation that shows the relationship between the pH or pOH of a solution and the pKa or pKb and the ratio of the concentrations of the dissociated chemical species. Virginia Henderson, FRCN (November 30, 1897-March 19, 1996) was a nurse, researcher, theorist and author. Use this calculator to find the iso electric points of proteins by using the Henderson equation.

    The isoelectric point (pI), sometimes abbreviated to IEP, is the pH at which a particular molecule or surface carries no net electrical charge.

    Calculate the isoelectric points of the proteins by the given details.
    HCO3 (mEq/L) = 25
    PaCO2 (mmHg) = 30

    Apply Formula:
    Henderson Hasselbalch Equation = 6.1 + log ((HCO3)/ (0.0301*PaCo2))

    pH Value = 9.420908550433353 (unit) 

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