Protein Iso electric Point Calculation – Henderson Equation

Henderson equation is an approximate equation that shows the relationship between the pH or pOH of a solution and the pKa or pKb and the ratio of the concentrations of the dissociated chemical species. Virginia Henderson, FRCN (November 30, 1897-March 19, 1996) was a nurse, researcher, theorist and author. Use this calculator to find the iso electric points of proteins by using the Henderson equation.

Henderson calculator


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    Henderson Hasselbalch Equation = 6.1 + log ((HCO3)/ (0.0301*PaCo2))

    The isoelectric point (pI), sometimes abbreviated to IEP, is the pH at which a particular molecule or surface carries no net electrical charge.

    Calculate the isoelectric points of the proteins by the given details.
    HCO3 (mEq/L) = 25
    PaCO2 (mmHg) = 30

    Apply Formula:
    Henderson Hasselbalch Equation = 6.1 + log ((HCO3)/ (0.0301*PaCo2))

    pH Value = 9.420908550433353 (unit)