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Gas Equation: PV = nRT


P = pressure of the gas,

V = volume,

n = moles of gas,

T = temperature,
R = 8.314 J K-1 mol-1, ideal gas constant.

Ideal Gas Law Calculator 

Ideal gas law calculator is an online tool for calculating gas pressure using the equation pv=nrt. This calculator can be used to calculate any of the values involved in the ideal gas law formula.

What is an ideal gas?

An ideal gas consists of perfectly elastic, unreactive point particles that move around randomly. 

All the particles of the ideal gas must obey newton’s law of motion. The particles only collide without any kind of reaction. In reality, no such gas exists.

The equation of state of an ideal gas is a good approximation to real gases at sufficiently high temperatures and low pressures; that is, PV = RT.

The Ideal Gas Law (General Gas Equation) is the equation of the state of a hypothetical ideal gas.

How to calculate volume using the Ideal gas law?


Calculate the Volume of gas through the Ideal Gas Law equation.

Temperature = 20 K

Pressure = 30 kPa

Moles of Gas = 2.50 moles


Apply Formula:

Gas Equation: PV = nRT

Gas Equation: (30)(V) = (2.50)(8.314)(20)

Volume = 55.43 L 


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