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Mole fraction formula 

Xsolute = moles of solutemoles of solution

What is a mole?

A mole represents 6.022*1023number of particles, molecules, atoms, or ions present in a substance or compounds. This experimentally determined number is known as Avogadro’s number.

Definition of mole Fraction

If a solution has more than one solutes, the mole fraction can help to find the ratio in which all solutes are present. Mole fraction has no unit as it is a ratio.

What is a solute?

A solute is that substance which is present in a lesser quantity in a solution.

For example, if we mix one spoon of NaCl in a glass of water then NaCL is solute in this case.

What is the solvent?

The substance which is present in major quantity in a solution is called the solvent. In the above-mentioned example, water is solvent.

Example of mole fraction:

A cylinder contains 10 moles of oxygen and 40 moles of helium. Calculate the mole fraction of oxygen.

Xoxygen = 1010 + 40

= 0.2


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