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To find the osmotic pressure, enter the values of required input boxes, and click the caluclate button using reverse osmosis calculator

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    Osmotic pressure coefficient = (pi)/ (NCSRT)

    R = universal gas constant = 0.082 atm-liter/gmol-kelvin

    Reverse Osmosis is a membrane-technology filtration method. This method is generally used for water as a filtration process. The Reverse Osmosis method is used to remove many types of large molecules and ions from solutions by using pressure to force a solution through a selective membrane. Reverse Osmosis is called 'reverse' because in normal osmosis a less-concentrated liquid passes into a more concentrated one. Reverse osmosis works in a way where it uses intense pressure to force liquids through a membrane or filter with holes so small that no particles can get through at all, and only the pure liquid remains.

    Reverse osmosis is a process by which a given solvent such as water is purified of solutes by being forced through a semi permeable membrane through which the solvent, but not the solutes, may pass. The advanced online Reverse Osmosis Calculator is used to calculate the filtration process used by water or any liquid through reverse osmosis pressure method by applying the respective formula.

    Calculate the reverse osmotic pressure by the given details.
    Osmotic pressure coefficient: 20 atmosphere
    Number of ions per molecule (N): 10
    Concentration (CS): 5 gmol/liter
    Temperature (T): 30 Kelvin

    Apply formula:
    Osmotic pressure coefficient = (pi)/ (NCSRT)

    Osmotic pressure coefficient = 2460 

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