Weight of Acid Calculator – Equivalent Weight

A number equal to the sum of the atomic masses of the atoms in a molecule. The molecular mass gives the mass of a molecule relative to that of the 12C atom, which is taken to have a mass of 12. The number of replaceable hydrogen atoms present in the molecule of an acid is Basicity of acid.

Weight of acid

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    Ew = Mw/B

    This Acid Weight Calculator is used to calculate the estimated weight of acid.
    For Example: The molecular mass of C2H6 is approximately 30 or [(2 x 12) + (6 x 1)]. Therefore the molecule is about 2.5 times as heavy as the 12C atom or about the same mass as the NO atom with a molecular mass of 30 or (14+16)

    Calculate the equivalent weight of acid (Ew).
    Molecular weight of acid (Mw) = 25
    Basicity of acid (B) = 10

    Apply formula:

    Equivalent weight of acid (Ew) = 2.5