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To find equivalent weight, input the molar weight & basicity of acid and press calculate button using weight of acid calculator 

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Ew = Mw/B

A number equal to the sum of the atomic masses of the atoms in a molecule. The molecular mass gives the mass of a molecule relative to that of the 12C atom, which is taken to have a mass of 12. The number of replaceable hydrogen atoms present in the molecule of an acid is Basicity of acid.

This Acid Weight Calculator is used to calculate the estimated weight of acid.
For Example: The molecular mass of C2H6 is approximately 30 or [(2 x 12) + (6 x 1)]. Therefore the molecule is about 2.5 times as heavy as the 12C atom or about the same mass as the NO atom with a molecular mass of 30 or (14+16)

Calculate the equivalent weight of acid (Ew).
Molecular weight of acid (Mw) = 25
Basicity of acid (B) = 10

Apply formula:

Equivalent weight of acid (Ew) = 2.5 

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