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Monthly Expense = ((M / C)* 30)* P;
Yearly Expense = ((M / C ) * 365 ) * P;

Know the smoking cost through online Smoking Cost calculator by entering the details in the respective boxes and get the result of cost you expend in smoking monthly and yearly.

Cigarette smoking continues to impose considerable health and financial costs on individuals and society. "We've made good progress in reducing the number of people who smoke, but we have much more work to do. If we want to significantly reduce the toll in this decade, we must provide the 32 million smokers who say they want to quit with the tools and support to do so successfully.

Calculate the monthly and yearly expense of cigarette for the following given detail.
Number of cigarettes smoked per day = 5
Number of cigarettes in a pack = 10
Price per pack ($/Rs) = 20

Apply Formula

Monthly Expense = ((M / C)* 30)* P
Yearly Expense = ((M / C) * 365) * P

Monthly Cigarette Expense = (20/10*30)*5 = 300
Yearly Cigarette Expense = (20/10*365)*5 = 3650

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