Arithmetic Mean Calculator

To calculate the arithmetic mean, select the sample or population data, input the comma-separated-values, click the calculate button using arithmetic mean calculator 

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Arithmetic mean calculator 

The arithmetic mean calculator works for the sample and population data sets. It briefs about the largest, smallest, and the total number of samples.

What is arithmetic mean?

It can be defined as the sum of total data entries by the number of total data entries. It is also stated as “average” or “mean”.

It gives an idea about the average of the data in a single value. 

Arithmetic mean formula:

The formula to find the arithmetic mean is as follows:

Arithmetic mean = (sum of data values) / total number of data values

How to find the arithmetic mean?

The formula states the process of finding the arithmetic mean well. Take a data set and add all of the entries. Count the number of entries and divide their sum with this number. 


Find the arithmetic mean of the following data.



Step 1: Count the values.

There are 7 values.

Step 2: Add the values.

= 9 + 10 + 13 + 19 + 29 + 1 + 31

= 112 

Step 3: Divide.


= 16

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