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Coefficient of Variance Calculator

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Cv = σ / μ

Coefficient of variance is defined as the ratio of the standard deviation σ to the mean μ. Coefficient of variance is a statistical measure of the dispersion of data points in a data series around the mean. The coefficient of variance is measured as the standard deviation divided by the mean. It is also sometimes expressed as a percentage form. The coefficient of variation should only be computed for data measured on a ratio scale.

The coefficient of variation is an attribute of a distribution. The online Coefficient of variance Calculator is used to calculate and find the coefficient of dispersion of a probability distribution by just entering the set of numbers that are separated by the comma.

Calculate the coefficient of Variance for the given details.
Enter the range of values (seperated by comma) = 1, 2, 1,5,1,6,8,2,0

Apply Formula:
Cv = σ / μ
Cv = 0.34523781368171763

Variance Coefficient (CV) = 0.34523781368171763