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The fraction comparison is done by multiplying the numerator and denominator with a common number to get the same value. Then, the larger one is considered to greater than the other.


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    When 2 fractions have the same denominator, the one the larger numerator is greater.

    Compare the given fraction
    5/5 and 2/3

    Here 5/5 is greater than 2/3

    Example: Which is larger: 3/8 or 5/12  ?
    If you multiply 8 × 3 you get 24 , and if you multiply 12 × 2 you also get 24, so let's try that (important: what you do to the bottom, you must also do to the top):

    It is now easy to see that 9/24 is smaller than 10/24, (because 9 is smaller than 10).
    so 5/12 is the larger fraction.

    Table of some examples:

    is 2/3 greater than 5/12 Yes
    is 5/12 greater than 3/8 Yes
    is 5/12 greater than 2/3 NO
    is 3/8 bigger than 1/2 NO
    is 5/8 bigger than 1/2 NO
    is 5/8 bigger than 3/4 NO
    is 2/3 more than 1/2 Yes
    is 3/8 bigger than 1/4 Yes
    is 3/8 greater than 5/12 NO


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