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Comparing Fractions Calculator

Comparing fractions calculator is used to compare two fractions such as whether they are less or greater than one another. 

What are the Comparing Fractions?

Comparing fractions is a method to compare two fractions. The fraction comparison is done by multiplying the numerator and denominator with a common number to get the same value.

Then, the larger one is considered to be greater than the other. When 2 fractions have the same denominator, the one with the larger numerator is greater.

How to compare fractions?


Compare the given fraction

5/5 and 2/3


Here 5/5 is greater than 2/3

Example: Which is larger: 3/8 or 5/12?

If you multiply 8 × 3 you get 24, and if you multiply 12 × 2 you also get 24, so let's try that (important: what you do to the bottom, you must also do to the top):

It is now easy to see that 9/24 is smaller than 10/24, (because 9 is smaller than 10).

so 5/12 is the larger fraction.

Table of some examples:

is 2/3 greater than 5/12Yes
is 5/12 greater than 3/8Yes
is 5/12 greater than 2/3NO
is 3/8 bigger than 1/2NO
is 5/8 bigger than 1/2NO
is 5/8 bigger than 3/4NO
is 2/3 more than 1/2Yes
is 3/8 bigger than 1/4Yes
is 3/8 greater than 5/12NO
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