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Disc = b2 - 4ac

4x2 + 8x + 3 = 0

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Discriminant Calculator 

The discriminant of an equation calculator does as its name tells, calculating the discriminant. The user can find the steps required to find the discriminant in the result area. 

What is the discriminant of a matrix?

The discriminant gives important information about the root type of an equation. It is also part of the quadratic formula. By calculating the discriminant, one can see if the roots are:

  1. Real i.e discriminant is greater than 0.
  2. Zero i.e discriminant is equal to 0.
  3. Imagainary i.e discrimiant is less than 0.

Discriminant formula:

The formula for the discriminant of quadratic equation is:

|X| = b2 - 4ac

The vertical lines on both sides of X is the notation of the discriminant. 

How to calculate the discriminant?

The easy and short way is to use the discriminant calculator. For the self-calculation, follow these steps.

  1. Find the values of variables.
  2. Put the values in the formula.
  3. Solve. 

Here is an example for clarification.


Find the discriminant for the following quadratic equation.

J = 3x2 + 4x - x 


Step 1: Separate the values of variables.

A = 3
B = 4
C = -1

Step 2: Put in the formula.

|J| = b2 - 4ac
|J| = (4)2 - 4(3)(-1)

Step 3: Solve.

|J| = (4)2 - 4(3)(-1)
     = 16 + 12
     = 28

Roots are real.

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