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To find the group work, enter the values of person A & B into the input boxes and click calculate button using group work calculator

Group work = 1(1/a) + (1/b)
in days or hours
in days or hours

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Group work = ((1 / a) + (1 / b)).

a -> Work done by A in days or hours
b -> Work done by B in days or hours

Group Work refers to a form of cooperative learning. Group Work is the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal. Group Work means that people will try to cooperate using their individual skills and constructive feedback without any personal conflict between the individuals.

The online Group Work Calculator is useful to calculate and estimate the time taken to complete a work by two people, from their individual working capabilities.

Calculate the time taken by A and B to complete a work together.
A can complete a work in: 2 in days or hours
B can complete a work in: 1 in days or hours

Apply Formula:
Group work = ((1 / a) + (1 / b)).
Group Work = (½) + (1/1)
Group work = 0.5 + 1

Group Work = 1.5 days or hours 

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