Group Work Calculator

Group Work refers to a form of cooperative learning. Group Work is the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal. Group Work means that people will try to cooperate using their individual skills and constructive feedback without any personal conflict between the individuals.
Group Work
Group work Calculation
A can complete a work in (a): in days or hours
B can complete a work in (b): in days or hours
A and B can Complete a work together in: days or hours
Group work = ((1 / a) + (1 / b)).

a -> Work done by A in days or hours
b -> Work done by B in days or hours

The online Group Work Calculator is useful to calculate and estimate the time taken to complete a work by two people, from their individual working capabilities.

Calculate the time taken by A and B to complete a work together.
A can complete a work in: 2 in days or hours
B can complete a work in: 1 in days or hours

Apply Formula:
Group work = ((1 / a) + (1 / b)).
Group Work = (½) + (1/1)
Group work = 0.5 + 1

Group Work = 1.5 days or hours