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Numbers to Words Converter

Numbers to words converter is used to convert decimal numbers into English words.

What is Numbers to Words?

Numbers are used to represent the digit mathematically and read the number from left to right while words are used to write the digit in text form in an easily readable manner.

For example, the number “687” is written in the word form such as “six hundred and eighty-seven”.

Values of number system

In the conversion of numbers to words know the place value of the numbers such as One, Ten, Hundred, Thousand, Ten-Thousand, Lakh, Ten-Lakh, Crore, and Ten-Crore.

Due to the different representations of the large place values, there are two systems such as the American/British and Indian numbers system.

What is Indian number system?

In Asian countries, this system is used for the representation of numbers into words.  It has a special representation in words form upto a “10,000” term such as “1,00,000” written as “one lakh”, “10,00,000” written as “ten lacks”, “1,00,00,000” written as “one crore”, and “10,00,00,000” written as “ten crores”.

indian number system

What is American and British number system?

In United States, the American number system is used for the representation of numbers into words while In the United Kingdom, the British number system is used for the representation of numbers into words which is similar to American number system.

american number system

Both have a special representation in words form up to a “lakh” term such as “100,000” written as “one hundred thousand”, “1,000,000” written as “one million”, 10,000,000” written as “ten million”, “100,000,000” written as “one hundred million” and “1,000,000,000” written as “one billion”.

How to convert the numbers into words?

Follow the below steps to convert the numbers into words,

  • Note the place values to move from right to left and add the zeros after those numbers or write in the sum form in descending order.
  • For conversion recall the number with its placement to move from right to left while the same place number (i.e., thousand and ten-thousand) and ten/one place number sum together and its resultant recall them.

i.e., such as “3422= 3000+400+20+2” Where “3” at the thousand places then written as “three thousand four hundred and twenty-two”.

Note: The “and” word is placed in the word form only before the Ten places. If the zero is placed at the ten places then the “and” place before the one place number.  Moreover, if zero at the one, ten, and hundred places then no need to write these terms.

placement table of numbers


Convert the following numbers into words.

  1. 5422
  2. 12009
  3. 7000
  4. 801


  1. 5733 = 5000+700+30+3

                   = Five thousand seven hundred and thirty-three

Similarly, the same place values for the lakh, ten-lakh.

  1. 12009 = 10000 + 2000 + 000 + 00 + 9

                     = twelve thousand and nine

  1. 7000 = 7000 + 00 + 0

                   = Seven thousand

Here the zero at the hundred, ten, and one place then it’s not written in word form.

  1. 801 = 800 + 00 + 1

                 = eight hundred and one

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