Angular acceleration calculator

To find angular acceleration, input total torque & moment of inertia, and press the calculate button using angular acceleration calculator 

α = T/I

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    From Newton's second law α = T / I

    T = Total torque exerted on the body
    I =Mass moment of inertia of the body

    Angular acceleration is the rate of change of angular velocity over time. The SI unit of angular acceleration is radians per second squared (rad/s2), and is usually denoted by the Greek letter alpha (α). The angular acceleration is a vector quantity. It consists of a magnitude component and either of two defined directions or senses.

    The units of angular acceleration are angular velocity divided by time. This advanced online Constant Angular Acceleration Calculator is used to calculate and find the constant angular acceleration by applying the Newton formula.

    Calculate the constant angular acceleration for the given details.
    Total torque (in rad/sec) = 25
    Mass moment of inertia (in sec) = 30

    Apply Formula:
    From Newton's second law α = T / I
    From Newton's second law α = 25/30
    From Newton's second law α = 0.8333 (rad/s2)
    Angular Acceleration = 0.8333 (rad/s2)

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