Average Velocity Calculation

Average Velocity is defined as the displacement over total time. Average Velocity is calculated as the total distance covered divided by the total time elapsed while travelling in a given direction.

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    Average Velocity from Equation for Constant Acceleration :
    Average Velocity: va = ½ (v0 + v)
    Initial Velocity: v0 = 2xva - v
    Velocity: v = 2xva - v0


    v0 = Initial Velocity
    v = Velocity.

    The advanced online Average Velocity Calculator is used to calculate and find the average velocity of an object.

    Calculate the average velocity for the given details.
    Initial Velocity (v0) = 5 m/s
    Velocity (v) = 15 m/s

    Apply Formula:
    Average Velocity: va = ½ (v0 + v)
    va= ½ (5+15)
    Average Velocity (va) =10 m/s