Circular Velocity Calculation

Circular Velocity refers to the velocity at which a body must move in order to maintain an orbit at the outer edge of the earth's atmosphere. The circular velocity of a circular object is denoted by the symbol "v".
Circular Velocity Calculation
I want to calculate:
Radius (r): m
Time Period (T): s
Circular Velocity (v): m/s
Circular Velocity :
v = 2Πr/T

Radiu :
r = vT/2Π

Time Period :
T = 2Πr/v

r = Circular Radius,
T =Time Period.

The advanced online Circular Velocity Calculator is used to calculate and find the circular velocity of a circular object when radius and time period of the object is known.

Calculate the Circular velocity for the details of a circular object.
Radius (r) = 10 m
Time Period (T) = 20 s

Apply Formula:
v = 2Πr/T
v = 2*3.14*10/20
v = 3.14
Circular Velocity (v) = 3.14m/s