Differential Pressure Measurement Calculator

The difference in pressure between two points of a system, such as between the well bottom and wellhead or between the two sides of an orifice is called as Differential Pressure. The differential pressure typically measures the change in pressure of gases and liquids. It is measured as force per unit. Differential pressures are commonly used in industrial process systems. Differential pressure gauges have two inlet ports, each connected to one of the volumes whose pressure is to be monitored.

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    K = (1.59923 * P * d4 * P) / W2

    P = Change in Pressure
    d = Pipe Diameter
    P = Fluid Density
    W = Mass Flow Rate

    The difference in pressure between any two points of a system or component is known as differential pressure. This advanced online Differential Pressure Measurement Calculator is useful in calculating the pressure difference between two points of a system.

    Calculate the pressure difference for the given details.
    Enter the change in pressure: 10 Bars
    Enter pipe diameter: 5 mm
    Fluid density: 20 kg/m3
    Mass flow rate: 15 kg/Hr

    Apply Formula:
    K = (1.59923 * P * d4 * P) / W2
    K = 1.59923*10 * 54 *20 /152
    K = 15.9923 * 625 *20 / 225
    K = 15.9923 * 12500 / 225
    K = 199903.75 /225
    K = 888.461111
    Differential pressure: 888.461111

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