Elastic Potential Energy Calculator

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Spring Potential Energy:
U = ½ kx2

Spring Force Constant:
k = 2u / x2

Spring Stretch Length:
x = √(2U/k)

U = Spring Potential Energy,
k = Spring Force Constant,
x = Spring Stretch Length.

Elastic Potential Energy Calculator

Elastic Potential Energy refers to the potential energy that is stored when a body is deformed (as in a coiled spring). Elastic potential energy is the energy saved in an object that is stretched, compressed (compression is pressing objects together), twisted or bent. The SI Unit of Elastic Potential Energy is Joule (J). Elastic energy of or within a substance is static energy of configuration.

Elastic potential energy, also known as spring potential energy, is energy stored in an object such as a spring or string, as it resists being deformed (stretched or compressed). This advanced online Elastic Potential Energy Calculation is useful in calculating the elastic potential energy of a spring.

Calculate the Spring Potential Energy (U) for the given details.
Spring Force Constant (k) = 25 N/m
Spring Stretch Length (x) = 15 m

Apply Formula:
U = ½ kx2
U = ½*25*152
U = ½ *25*225
U = ½*5625
U = 2812.5
Spring Potential Energy (U) = 2812.5

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