Impulse with Velocity Calculator

Impulse refers to change in momentum. When an object has a mass and velocity, it has momentum. Momentum or Impulse is measured in kg-m/s. In short, impulse is equal to the change of momentum.
Impulse with Velocity
I want to calculate:
Mass (m): kg
Velocity Change (∆v): m/s
Impulse (I): kg-m/s
I = m* ∆v

m = I/∆v

Velocity Change:
∆v = I/m

I = Impulse,
m = Mass,
∆v = Velocity Change.

Impulse is defines as the integral of a force with respect to time. This advanced online Impulse with Velocity Calculator is used to calculate the find the mass, velocity change and impulse of an object.

Calculate the Impulse with velocity for the given details.
Mass (m) = 25 kg
Velocity Change (∆v) = 20 m/s

Apply Formula:
I = m* ∆v
I = 25*20
I = 500 kg-m/s
Impulse (I) = 500 kg-m/s