Leaf Springs Calculator

Leaf Spring refers to a spring made of a number of strips of metal curved slightly upward and clamped together one above the other. Leaf springs are also called beam springs and flat springs. A simple type of spring made of a small, flat piece of metal often used in automotive applications, such as suspension systems. Spring Rate is half the difference between the loads 1 inch above and 1 inch below a specified position.
Leaf Springs Calculator
Youngs Modulus: mW
Number of Leaves:
Span: cm
Width of Leaves: mW/cm2
Thickness of Leaves: mW/cm2
Stiffness: mW/cm2

E = Youngs modulus [Nm-2]
n = Number of Leaves
b = Width of leaves [m]
t = Thickness of leaves [m]
L = Spam [m]

Leaf spring is commonly used for the suspension in wheeled vehicles. The term is also used to refer to a bundled set of leaf springs. As the spring flexes, the leaves slide over each other; the resultant friction provides a dampening of the oscillations produced by large spring deflections.

Calculate the Stiffness of the leaf spring for the given details.
Youngs Modulus (E): 25 mW
Number of Leaves (n): 15
Span (L): 10 cm
Width of Leaves (b): 5 mW/cm2
Thickness of Leaves (t):20 mW/cm2

Apply Formula:
k = 8Enbt3/3l3
k = 8*25*15*5*203 / 3*103
k = 15000*8000/3*1000
k = 120000/3000
k = 40000 mW/cm2
Stiffness (k): 40000 mW/cm2