Potentiometer Calculator

Potentiometer refers to an instrument for measuring an unknown voltage by comparison to a standard voltage. A three-terminal resistor with an adjustable center connection, widely used for volume control in radio and television is termed as a potentiometer. A potentiometer is also called as a variable resistor or pot.

Potentiometer Calculator

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    VL=R2RL/ ( ( R1RL+R2RL+R1R2)*Vs)

    Potentiometer is a type of variable resistor that resists electric current and adjusts electrical devices. A potentiometer is similar to a rheostat, but it is more efficient. The advanced online Potentiometer Calculator is used to calculate the divider voltage for three terminal resistors.

    Calculate the Potentiometer for the given details.
    R1 (amps) = 25
    R2 (amps) = 15
    rl (amps) = 10
    vs(volts) = 5

    Apply Formula:
    VL=R2RL/ ( ( R1RL+R2RL+R1R2)*Vs)
    VL = 15*10/(( 25*10+15*10+25*15)*5)
    VL = 150/ ((250+150+375)*5)
    VL = (150/775)*5
    VL = 0.19354 *5
    VL = 0.96774