Sound Intensity Calculator

Sound Intensity Calculator used to find intensity of sound. It also known an decibel calculator as it can also convert db to intensity. Sound Intensity is defined as the sound power Pac per unit area A. Sound intensity level or acoustic intensity level is a logarithmic measure of the sound intensity in comparison to the reference level.

Sound Intensity Level


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    Sound intensity level formula:
    IL = 10 log10 (I/I0)

    Sound Intensity Equation (Formula):
    I = I0 * 10 IL/10

    Reference Intensity:
    I0 = I/10 IL/10

    IL = Sound Intensity Level,
    I = Sound Intensity,
    I0 = Reference Intensity.

    how to calculate sound intensity?
    Example: For given values of I = 45 and I0 = 1
    IL = 10 log10 (45/1)
    IL = 16.5321 decibel
    For a specified direction and point in space, the average rate at which sound energy is transmitted through a unit area perpendicular to the specified direction is called as sound intensity.