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Speed of Sound refers to the speed at which sound travels in a given medium under specified conditions. Sound is a vibration that travels through an elastic medium as a wave. The speed describes how far this wave travels in a given amount of time. The speed of sound is dependent on the density of the air and the density of the air is dependent on the temperature of the air. In solids, the speed of longitudinal waves depends on the stiffness to tensile stress, and the density of the medium. In fluids, the medium's compressibility and density are the important factors.


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c = sqrt [Y * (p0/ ρ)]

Y= Ratio of specific heats
P0= Pressure [Pa]
ρ = Density [kgm-3]

Sound refers to a vibration, a change in pressure. The speed of sound is variable and depends on the properties of the substance through of which the wave is travelling. The advanced online Speed of Sound Calculator is used to calculate the speed of the sound.

Calculate the speed of the sound for the given details.
Ratio of specific heats, Y = 25
Pressure, P0 = 15 Pa
density, ρ = 10 kgm-3

Apply Formula:
c = sqrt [Y * (p0/ ρ)]
c = sqrt [25*(15/10)]
c = sqrt [25*1.5]
c = sqrt 37.5
c = 6.1237
Speed of Sound, c = 6.1237 ms-1

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