Total Work Calculation

Work refers to the amount of energy that is being transferred by applying force to complete a task or work given. The total work depends upon the mass, the initial velocity and the final velocity of force. Here the force is exerted or effort directed to produce or accomplish something. Total Work is denoted by the symbol "WT".
Total Work Calculation
Mass (m): kg
Initial Velocity (vi): m/s
Final Velocity (vf): m/s
Total Work (wt): J
WT = 1/2mv2 final − 1/2mv2 initial

WT = Total Work,
m = Mass,
vi = Initial Velocity,
vf = Final Velocity.

The advanced online Total Work Calculator to calculate and find the total work done by applying the formula and putting the respective values in the boxes.

Calculate the Total work for the given details.
Mass (m): 25 kg
Initial Velocity (vi) :15 m/s
Final Velocity (vf) : 30 m/s

Apply Formula:
WT = 1/2mv2 − 1/2mv2
Total Work (WT) = 8437.5 J