Capacitive Reactance Calculator

Capacitive Reactance refers to the opposition of capacitance to alternating current which is equal to the reciprocal of the product of the angular frequency of the current times of the capacitance. The Capacitive Reactance is denoted by the symbol 'Xc'. The relationship of capacitive reactance to resistance is because capacitive reactance is the resistance of the capacitor.
Capacitive Reactance Calculator
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Capacitive Reactance:
Xc = 1/2π fC

f = 1/2π XcC

C = 1/2π XcC

XC = Capacitive Reactance,
f = Frequency,
C = Capacitance.

Current passing through any two parallel transmission line due to the dielectric property of conductor then the capacitance effect is generated between them is called as capacitance reactance.

Calculate the Capacitive Reactance for the given details.
Frequency (f) = 100 Hz
Capacitance(C) = 50 H

Apply Formula:
Xc = 1/2πfC
Xc = 1/6.28*5000
Xc = 1/31400
Xc = 3.1847 ohm

Capacitive Reactance Xc = 3.1847 ohm