Inductive Reactance Calculator

Inductive Reactance refers to the reactance due to the inductance of a coil or circuit. It is the opposition of inductance to alternating current that is equal to the product of the angular frequency of the current times the self-inductance. The Inductive reactance is denoted by the symbol XL.
Inductive Reactance Calculator
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Frequency (f): Hz
Inductance (L): H
Inductive Reactance (XL): ohm
Inductive Reactance:
XL = 2πfL

f = XL /2πL

L = XL /2πf

XL = Inductive Reactance,
f = Frequency,
L = Inductance.
This advanced online Inductive Reactance Calculator is used to calculate and find the Inductive Reactance when signal frequency and inductance are known.

Calculate the Inductive Reactance for the given details.
Frequency (f) = 25 Hz
Inductance (L) = 5 H

Apply Formula:
XL = 2πfL
XL = 2*3.14*25*5
XL = 6.28*125
XL = 785 ohm

Inductive Reactance (XL) = 785 ohm