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Calculate Current with Power and Voltage :
I = P/E

Calculate Current with Power and Resistance :
I = √P/R

Calculate Current with Voltage and Resistance :
I = E/R

Ohms Law states that the current passing or flowing through the conductor between two points is directly proportional to the potential difference that is applied across the two points. The electric current on the other hand is inversely proportional to the resistance between the points. As the resistance in a circuit increases, the current generated in the circuit decreases.

The advanced online Ohms Law Current Calculator is used to calculate the electric current between the points flowing through a given conductor in various forms. Ohm's law can be used to solve simple problems with electrical circuits of current.

Calculate the Electric Current as per the Ohms law for the given power and voltage.
Power (P) = 25 W
Voltage (E) = 20 V

Apply Formula:
I = P/E
I = 25/20

I = 1.25 A


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