Bernoulli Numbers Calculator

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    B(n)≈ 4 * (n / π e)2n * √ n π

    n = large number
    e = constant ( 2.718281828459...)

    Bernoulli Numbers are those numbers which arise in the series expansions of trigonometric functions, and are extremely important in number theory and analysis. The Bernoulli Numbers are written in the form of modern usage and older literature. The modern usage Bernoulli Numbers are denoted by the symbol Bn, while that of older literature is denoted by the symbol B*n.

    This advanced online Bernoulli Numbers Calculator is used to calculate the equivalent bernoulli value B(n) for the given numeric value which is used for mathematical analysis, number theory and topology.

    Calculate the Bernoulli Number B(n) for the given details.
    Large Number (n): 5

    Apply Formula:
    B(n)≈ 4 * (n / π e)2n * √ n π
    B(n)≈ 4*(5/3.14*2.718281828459)2*5√5*3.14
    B(n)≈ 0.07505444661992206

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