Hydraulic Radius Calculator


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Hydraulic Radius :
Rh = A/Pw


Area of Section Flow :
A= Rh* Pw

Wetted Perimeter :
Pw = A/ Rh

Rh = Hydraulic Radius,
A = Area of Section Flow,
Pw = Wetted Perimeter.

Hydraulic radius refers to the ratio of the cross-sectional area of a conduit or a stream channel in which a fluid is flowing to the inner perimeter of the conduit or stream channel. Hydraulic Radius is based on the principle that higher the ratio, the more efficient is the channel in transmitting water.

Hydraulic radius is the measure of channel efficiency. This online advanced Hydraulic Radius Calculator is useful in calculating the hydraulic radius by putting the values Area of Section Flow (A) and Wetted Perimeter (Pw) in respective boxes.

Calculate the hydraulic radius for the given details.
Area of Section Flow (A) = 25 m2
Wetted Perimeter (Pw) = 20 m

Apply Formula:
Rh = A/Pw
Rh = 25/20
Hydraulic Radius (Rh) = 1.25 m