Mean Depth Calculator

Mean Depth refers to the average depth of water in a stream channel or conduit. Mean Depth is equal to the cross-sectional area divided by the surface width.
Mean Depth Calculation
I want to calculate
Area of Section Flow (A): m2
Top Water Surface Width (T): m
Mean Depth (hm): m
Mean Depth :
hm = A/T

Area of Section Flow :
A = hm*T

Top Water Surface Width :
T = A/ hm

hm = Mean Depth,
A = Area of Section Flow,
T = Top Water Surface Width.

The advanced online Mean Depth Calculator is useful in calculating the hydraulic mean depth of water.

Calculate the Mean depth of water in a stream by the given details.
Area of Section Flow (A) = 25 m2
Top Water Surface Width (T) = 20 m

Apply Formula:
hm = A/T
hm = 25/20
Mean Depth (hm) = 1.25 m