Sherwood Number Calculator

Sherwood Number is termed as a dimensionless number which is used in the study of mass- transfer operation. The Sherwood Number represents the ratio of convective to diffusive mass transport.
Sherwood Number Calculator
I want to calculate
Mass Transfer Coefficient (K): m/s
Characteristic Length (L): m
Diffusion Coefficient (D): m2/s
Sherwood Number (Sh):
Sherwood Number :
Sh = kl/D

Mass Transfer Coefficient :
k = ShD/L

Characteristic Length :
L = ShD/k

Diffusion Coefficient :
D = kl/Sh

Sh = Sherwood Number,
k = Mass Transfer Coefficient,
L = Characteristic Length,
D = Diffusion Coefficient.

The Sherwood Numbers is defined as a relationship between a mass transfer coefficient and a characteristic length, such as pipe diameter and a coefficient of diffusion. Sherwood Number is named in the honor of Thomas Kilgore Sherwood.

Calculate the Sherwood Number for the given details.
Mass Transfer Coefficient (k) = 5 m/s
Characteristic Length (L) = 15 m
Diffusion Coefficient (D) = 10 m2/s

Apply Formula:
Sh = kl/D
Sh = 5*15/10
Sh = 7.5
Sherwood Number (Sh) = 7.5