Specific Gas Constant Calculator

The Specific Gas Constant refers to the constant of gas which is equal to 8.314 joules per Kelvin or 1.985 calories per degree Celsius. This figure is the constant of proportionality [R] in the equation Pressure * Volume = n (number of moles) * (R) * Temperature, relating the pressure and volume of a quantity of gas to the absolute temperature. The specific gas constant is denoted by the symbol 'R specific'.

Specific Gas Constant Calculator


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    Specific Gas Constant :
    S = R/MW

    Molecular Weight :
    MW = R/S

    S = Specific Gas Constant,
    MW = Molecular Weight,
    R = Universal Gas Constant = 8314 J/kmol-K.

    The Specific Gas Constant is defined as the gas constant divided by the molar mass of a gas. This online Specific Gas Constant Calculator is useful in calculating the gas constant.

    Calculate the Specific gas Constant for the given details.
    Molecular Weight (MW) = 25 kg/kmol

    Apply formula:
    S = R/MW
    R = Universal Gas Constant = 8314 J/kmol-kelvin.
    Specific Gas Constant(S) = 332.56 J/kg-K