Heat Transfer Rate Calculator

Heat transfer refers to the amount of heat which passes through a unit area of a medium or system in a unit time when the temperature difference between the boundaries of the system is 1 degree. The SI unit of heat transfer rate is watts per squared meter - kelvin: W/(m2K).


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    qx = KT*(ΔT/x)

    This advanced online Heat Transfer Rate Calculator is used to calculate the rate of heat transfer. There are numerous methods for calculating the heat transfer coefficient in different heat transfer modes, different fluids, flow regimes, and under different thermohydraulic conditions.

    Calculate the Heat Transfer Rate for the given details.
    Thermal conductivity constant (KT)(calorie/degree-centimeter-second) = 5
    Temperature differential (ΔT) in Celcius = 10
    Distance or length (x) in centimeter = 15 inch

    Apply Formula:
    qx = KT*(ΔT/x)
    Heat transfer rate or flux (qx) = 1.31 (calorie/centimeter2-second)


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