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Formula t = v - ua


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SUVAT Calculator

This SUVAT calculator solves for the values of quantities involved in the constantly accelerated motion. Using this uniformly accelerated motion calculator you can find the values of:

  • Distance (S)
  • Time (t)
  • Initial velocity (u)
  • Final velocity (v)
  • Acceleration (a) 

Let’s see what do we mean by SUVAT and what are the formulas used to calculate these values.

What is SUVAT?

SUVAT is the acronym of five motion quantities: Distance, initial velocity, final velocity, acceleration, and time respectively. These formulae are only applicable if the acceleration is uniform throughout the motion. 

SUVAT formulas:

The five formulas used to calculate these values are:


s = ut + ½ * at2

Initial velocity:

u = (s - ½ * at2) / t 

Final velocity:

v = (s + ½ * at2) / t 


a = v2 - u2 / 2s


t = v - u / a

How to calculate SUVAT quantities?

The most difficult equation by glance is of distance. So let’s see an example of calculating this quantity.


If a man has been running with an acceleration of 2ms-2 for two 5 seconds. The initial velocity is 0ms-1 and the final velocity is 10ms-1. Find the distance.


s = (0)(5) + ½ * (2)(5)2

s = ½ * 50

s = 25 m

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