Baseball Batting Average (BV) Calculation

The average performance of a batter, expressed as a ratio of a batter's safe hits per official times at bat is termed as Baseball Batting Average. It also refers to a ratio (as a rate per thousand) of base hits to official times at bat for a baseball player. The higher this average or closer the average is to 1, the better the player hits.

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    Batting Average (BV) = (Number of hits) / (Number of official at bats)

    The Batting Average of a Baseball refers to a statistical estimation of the hitting ability of a batter, equal to the number of hits divided by the number of official at-bats. Normally the batting average is expressed as a real number instead of an average despite the name.

    Calculate the Baseball batting Average or the BV for the given details.
    Number of Hits = 2
    Number of official at bats = 4

    Apply Formula:
    Batting Average (BV) = (Number of hits) / (Number of official at bats)
    BV = 0.500


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