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SLG = (Total bases) / (Number of official at bats)

Total bases = (Home Runs * 4) + (Triples * 3) + (Doubles * 2) + (Singles)
Number of official at bats = Home Runs + Triples + Doubles + Singles + Outs

A number expressing a player's average effectiveness in making extra-base hits, calculated by dividing the total number of bases (from all singles, doubles, triples, and home runs) by the number of official at bats also slugging average. The Slugging Percentage is the most effecting method to determine the player's hitting power.It is calculated as total bases divided by at bats. When two players have the same or almost the same 'Batting Average' you might use the slugging percentage to determine which player is better.

A player's total number of bases reached on hits divided by official times at bat, expressed as a three-digit decimal and used as a measure of batting power is called as Slugging Average.

Calculate the SLG for the given baseball game details.
Home Runs = 5
Triples = 3
Doubles = 2
Singles = 1
Outs = 4

Apply Formula:
SLG = (Total bases) / (Number of official at bats)
SLG = 2.267

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