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Charge Converter:
Charge Converter = coulomb = 6.242×1018 e
Electron is approximately −1.602×10−19 C

e is the charge of a proton

Electric current is the rate of flow of electric charge through a conductor in an electric circuit. It is measured in Coulombs per second (C/s) or Amperes (the SI unit for electric current). A charge flows when an electromotive force is applied, given by potential difference (or voltage). The charge always flows from high electrical potential to low potential. Electric current can be simply called “current”. The electric charge is carried by mobile electrons in a conductor, or ions in an electrolyte. Electric current is measured by an ammeter.

Electric current is also produced naturally by various phenomena including lightning, electric eels, solar wind and the polar auroras. The nervous system in humans and animals also uses a form of electric current based on the exchange of ions.

Convert the Electric Charge.
Enter Value: 25 abcoulomb

abcoulomb: 25.00000000
ampere-minute: 4.166666667
coulomb: 250.0000000
electronic charge: 1.560354513e+21
faraday(phys): 0.002590215000
kilocoulomb: 0.2500000000
microcoulomb: 250000000.0
nanocoulomb: 2.500000000e+11
statcoulomb: 7.494800000e+11
ampere-hour: 0.06944444444
ampere-second: 250.0000000
coulomb(international): 250.0412501
faraday(chem): 0.002590942500
franklin: 7.494800000e+11
megacoulomb: 0.0002500000000
millicoulomb: 250000.0000
picocoulomb: 2.500000000e+14

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