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Heat transfer coefficient is described as how easy the heat passes from one material to another, between solid and fluid or gas, air. Heat transfer is a process by which internal energy from one substance transfers to another substance. Thermodynamics is the study of heat transfer and the changes that result from it. An understanding of heat transfer is crucial to analyzing a thermodynamic process, such as those that take place in heat engines and heat pumps.

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h = q/A* ΔT

The heat transfer can take place in a number of ways:
• Conduction is when heat flows through a heated solid.
• Convection is when heated particles transfer heat to another substance, such as cooking something in boiling water.

Radiation is when heat is transferred through electromagnetic waves, such as from the sun. Radiation can transfer heat through empty space, while the other two methods require some form of matter-on-matter contact for the transfer.

Convert the 5BTU/hour square foot oF to various units.

BTU/hour square foot oF =5
calorie/second square centimeter oC = 0.0006781149562913923
CHU/hour square foot oC = 5
joule/second square meter K = 28.391316989997136
kilocalorie/hour square foot oC = 2.267961871746097
kilocalorie/hour square meter oC = 24.412138184599623
watt/square meter oC = 28.391316989997136
watt/square meter K = 28.391316989997136


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