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I is the luminous intensity and S is the area of the source surface perpendicular to the given direction.

Light illumination is the amount of light illuminating a point on a surface. Illuminating sources can be natural (daylight) or from lamps, lighter, etc.

The definition of Light Illumination determines the amount of light that covers a surface. If Ø is the luminous flux and S is the area of the given surface then the illuminance E is determined by E = ∅/S.

The unit of illumination in SI system is lx, and in foot-pound system it is foot-candle. One lx is the illuminance of 1 m² surface area uniformly lighted by 1 lm of luminous flux. The following drawing explains this definition. One foot-candle is 10.76 lux.

Convert the 5 centimeter candle to various light illumination units.

centimeter candle = 5
flame = 1161.288
foot candle = 4645.152
lumen/square centimeter = 5
lumen/square foot = 4645.152
lumen/square meter = 50000
lux = 50000
meter candle = 50000
nox = 50000000
phot = 5
watt/square centimeter = 0.007299999999999999


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