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Magnetic density = magnetic flux / unit area

Magnetic flux Density refers to the amount of the amount of magnetic flux through a unit area which is taken perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic flux. The magnetic flux density is also called as magnetic induction. Magnetic flux density is a vector quantity. The magnetic flux density is denoted by the symbol ‘B’. Magnetic flux is measured with a flux meter. The flux meter contains measuring coils and electronics that evaluate the change of voltage in the measuring coils to calculate the magnetic flux.

Magnetic flux density is termed as a measure of the magnetic field strength at a given point. The magnetic flux density is expressed by the force per unit length on a conductor carrying at that point.

Calculate the magnetic flux density for the given details.
Convert the 25 gauss to various possible units.

Gauss (international) = 24.99172773811868
line/square centimeter = 25
line/square inch = 161.29000000064516
maxwell/square centimeter = 25
maxwell/square inch = 161.29000000064516
maxwell/square meter = 0.0025
tesla = 0.0025
weber/square centimeter = 2.5e-7
weber/square inch = 0.0000016129000000064517
weber/square meter = 0.0025

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