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Octal to Hexadecimal calculator 

This octal to hexadecimal converter can be used to convert numbers from one number system to another easily. This octal converter can also convert numbers into

  • Octal to decimal
  • Octal to binary
  • Hex to decimal

What are octal numbers? 

There are many number systems. Octal is one of them.

The octal number system consists of digits from 0 to 7. It has a base 8. 

What are hexadecimal numbers?

As the name suggests, hex stands for “6” and decimal stands for “10”. So combining both we have a “16” number system.

How to convert octal to hexadecimal?

To convert into hexadecimal, octal numbers are first converted into decimal. 


Convert (128)8.


Step 1: Follow this step:

1     2     8

8  8  80

Step 2: Solve these exponential numbers and multiply them with the corresponding digits. Then add them.

= (1 x 64) + (2 x 8) + (8 x 1)

= 64 + 16 + 8 

= 88 (decimal number)

Step 3: Convert into hexadecimal as follows

= 58

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